nothing lasts forever.

So, I’m back..

Anyone missed me?

I’m out of my cave..


Hey, Elle! 

Hi Lucie! How are you?

I’m out of my cave..

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Roomies || Elle and Flo


Flo entered the cabin with Elle’s gesture and smiled at her new roommate. She felt lucky to be at Camp Truth, especially with her father having been there the first year. Memories of him always flooded her mind, reminding her of how much she missed him. She would have a flashback to when they finished their first poem or when they spent the whole weekend hauled up in their family’s den writing a story. Her favourite memory recurred often though, it being the very first time he’d given her a notebook of her own. She shook her head of the memories, trying her best not to be upset. It worked fairly well so far and she planned to keep it that way.

Dragging her suitcase up the wooden steps of the cabin, the petite brunette smiled. She looked around the room, searching for an empty bed. She gestured to the one that was made up neatly, not the one with a pillow on the wrong side. “I guess I’ll get my stuff over there I guess and start unpacking. I’m glad I got paired up with you instead of someone I didn’t know, sort of like Cai and the bonfire thing. I’m sort of excited to meet him and stuff though, so I don’t mind that much.” She set her suitcase down on the bed and turned to Elle, a grin plastered on her face. 

Sitting on the middle of her bed, once Flo had made her way into the cabin, with her knees tucked up against her chest, Elle allowed her mind to wonder. Her thoughts drifted to the Summer ahead and what would become of it. How everything would turn out, and why she expected to happen within the weeks to come. Summer was always the best part of the year; the fact you’d just finished High School, and the good weather made it even better. But this Summer was so much different to other Summers, for starters it would be her first ever Summer without Aiden, and he first Summer at a camp, so she had no idea what to expect. As Flo walked over to the bed on the other end of the cabin, Elle sat up straighter and asked her, ‘If that’s all right? I can always switch if you’d rather sleep here? I didn’t think it made much difference, seeing as they’re both next to the balcony entrances, and overlook the beach?’ She dropped her knees, so that she was sat crossed legged on her bed, before adding ‘Yeah, I guess I’m lucky because I’ve already met Nathan. I’m sure it’ll be fun nonetheless. Besides, it’s probably easier telling a secret to a stranger.’

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Hey! How is everyone?


Hey, Elle! What’s up?

Not much really. You?

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